Why there’s no real drama in Twist of Fate

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The release for Twist of Fate is going really well.  So far (I always knock on wood when I say things like this) readers are enjoying Gavin & Leah.  I have gotten some feedback about the lack of DRAMA within Twist of Fate– and, while 97.8% of it has been overwhelmingly positive, I’ve also heard from readers who missed it.  In lieu of explaining my reasoning several dozen times to different people, I’m going to address that all here.

Gavin & Leah’s story is different for several reasons– the first being that I felt as if Leah had been through enough.  I didn’t want to throw unnecessary drama at her or Gavin because that isn’t what their story was telling me to do.  I love dramatic books as much as the next person- trust, I get SO excited when there’s some crazy curve I didn’t see coming & I will wait with baited breath for the follow up like an 80′s kid waiting for concert tickets- but Gavin and Leah didn’t need that.

There was kidnapping and drama in Missing & Finding Hart.  Consequences of Deception was fairly dramatic.  I came to think of Twist of Fate as my ‘palette cleanser’.  There’s no assault, cheating, kidnapping, rape, hostage situations, death, murder, stealing, addiction of any kind, lies or other women.  I’ll say again that I have NO problem with any of that– I’ve done some of it in my stories & I will again– but it is VERY important to me that my books not be the same thing over and over again.  My books all share a common thread– that most people who start out good are capable of change & that fate/destiny finds a way to make love happen- but I’m not going to throw unnecessary drama in just for the sake of doing it.  I think my men generally have similar character traits and that’s because I feel VERY passionately about the kind of men I think are good Heroes.  Leah had a tough life and as such, some overbearing asshole that talked down to her and came at her alpha style was not going to work.

Twist of Fate is sweet and direct.  I didn’t add fluff or draw it out to bulk my word count up.  I did what I always do– let the characters speak to me so that their story could be told.  I actually think that Twist of Fate might end up being my most realistic love story.  Gavin and Leah actually communicate and work things out so it’s very low on conflict.

When I was finished Twist of Fate, I was happy and I couldn’t stop smiling. (After I cried while writing the epilogue– don’t judge!) I hope that all of you will feel that way too.


Cole and Tyson will be the subjects of the final two Renegade books.  Cole and Devon have a great story that I can’t wait to share.  Tyson’s story is completely different than the rest of the band because his is the darkest. There is A LOT that hasn’t been revealed about Tyson’s background but once you get his story… you guys!! The feels on this one.  I was going to keep the identity of Tyson’s love interest a secret but I am terrible with keeping stuff like that in… so……

Hard to Handle wasn’t included in Twist of Fate for no reason.  Tyson’s love interest is none other than Violet’s younger sister, Daisy Hammond.

Tomorrow morning I go back to writing– and I need to decide what to write next.  Here’s what I’ve got in the pipeline.

Saving Hart- The Hart Family Book 7 (Sandra & Todd)

Dark Desires- The Deception Series Book 2 (Killian and Sloane)

Catch and Release- The Catch Series Book 2 (Darby & Trace)

Two Roads- Renegade Saints Book 3 (Cole & Devon)

Shadows and Light- Renegade Saints Book 4 (Tyson and Daisy)

As of right this very second…. Sandra & Todd are talking to me.  Their back stories are BEGGING to be told- especially Sandra’s.  Not all is at it seems…

What would you like me to write next? Sound off in the comments.

19 thoughts on “Why there’s no real drama in Twist of Fate

  1. I would love more of the Hart family or Renegade Saints. Only cause I haven’t read the others yet (at least I don’t think I have) but really, anything that calls to you should be written. No use forcing it or you will just struggle.
    Love your work.

  2. So I feel like there’s no wrong choice to this question. Whatever I vote for is a win win because all of these books are going to freaking rock. I can’t wait to read all if these stories, but If I had to pick I would vote Dark Desires. I’ve LOVED all your books and I can’t wait to find out what happens in each of these books, but I feel like I need more Killian and Sloane in my life. I’d love more of them ASAP, so that’s my vote. (Can I tell you how hard it was to make this choice? All these great choices didn’t make it easy!)

  3. I’m dying to read any of those books, except for Todd and Sandra’s story… Don’t get me wrong, I will read it, but I can’t wait for the two Renegade Saints books and the next Catch series book and Dark Desires!

  4. I had a strong suspicion that Tyson’s story was going to knock us on our collective butts so with that being said my vote is for Renegade Saints. I also saw Ian was left out of Cole/Devon so does this mean I have to wait and see for myself if it will be a super hot menage book? Although Killian and friends in COD were amazing as well and I would love a update on them too. I know the parents have to have a story, but I usually can’t really get into those and prefer them in novellas. Not that I’m hating on the older generation at all but come on, Flynn or his dad? To me, there is NO question!!!

  5. I really want Cole’s story to be with Devon and Ian. I was really looking forward to that. Something different and not the usual where the guys are only there for the girl like Lorelei James rough, raw and ready (rough riders series). Please consider doing Cole’s story like it was going to be in Picture perfect!

  6. Who is Violet Hammond? I couldn’t find any reference of her in any of your previous books. Is she in a future book prior to Tyson?

  7. I loved Twist of Fate it was the perfect story for Leah and Gavin. They didn’t need obstacles just discovering love. I would like more Killan and Sloan but whoever is talking with you I will take.

  8. OH PALEAAAASE!! You carry ms Ella with that character talk, because it is nothing but pure brilliance and on point I have read all your books ….ok
    More then once and will probably go through another repeat while I wait on your next release haha but I definitely can’t wait for those catch series books to release and leah and gavins book was soooo beautiful you couldn’t help but forget their past and just love them as the gorgeous couple they are together!! && dayuuum do your epilogues get me everytime!! #GoTeamELLA!! :)

  9. I would love to read the second part of The Catch Series and Renegade Saints. I love the Hart Series but feel it is somewhat mostly completed. I am ready to find out what happens to Cole and Tyson stories. I look forward to reading whatever you decide to write next. Thank you

  10. Well said Ella Well said… I thought how you wrote their story was perfect.All of the characters in this book have been through so much and this made everything end well for Leah and Gavin. Can’t wait till the next one :)

  11. Personally, I can do w/out drama all the time! So thank you for being true to your characters and trusting there would still be an audience for this story. Good, or well-intentioned communication between a couple is very satisfying to me. I love your character’s words as much as their steamy encounters!

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