The prologue for Consequences of Deception

Consequences of Deception-2


I was being a bad girl and I knew it, but I didn’t care because the need to be with him was so all-consuming that it hurt.  I floated on my back, in the water, while I stared at the late night sky, smiling dreamily as I counted down the minutes until he came outside.  I had turned on the pool lights and slipped into the water, knowing full well that he’d have no choice but to come to me.  If he really wanted to, he could ignore me, but I knew that he would never do that. This was the fifth time I’d done this, and each and every time he broke a little more. The truth is, I would have done it every single night. Since I could only do it when Shannon wasn’t home and my father was safely asleep in my house, I had to take my chances when I could, which is why I was there floating in his pool—after midnight.

I felt him the minute that he was outside, so I turned over and swam toward the spot where I knew he would be standing. I broke the surface of the water and started walking up the steps of the pool in a fluid series of motions, smiling as I watched him devour me with his eyes. My bikini choice was nothing short of scandalous; four teeny-tiny little red triangles that left very little to the imagination.  Smiling at him, I stepped out of the pool onto the stamped concrete patio. Standing next to him, I blatantly admired how sexy he looked in the lounge pants he was wearing.  As was my intention, I’d woken him up, which meant that he came out clad in lounge pants and nothing else.  They sat low on his hips and I licked my lips as I stared at the sexy V-cut muscle that led to his promised land.

“Dammit, Sloane,” he rasped.  “You’re making this so hard.”

Since that was my intention, I didn’t bother to deny it.  There were six more months until I would be eighteen and he wouldn’t bother to fight it at all anymore.  We both knew it. I didn’t see the point in waiting.

“I’m not trying to be difficult, Killian, I just wanted a late night swim.”

He scoffed at that, the same as he did every time I pulled this stunt.  “What’s the difference between my pool and the one in your yard right next door?”

Grabbing the towel he’d brought out with him from his hand, I laughed softly.  “The difference is that if I were swimming in my own pool, you wouldn’t bring me a towel.”

“Do you understand what would happen if your father thought something was going on between us right now?  You’re jailbait, baby, and I don’t want to spend my life, without you, behind bars.”

On my tiptoes, I slid my arms around his neck and linked my fingers together as I smiled up at him.  “My father isn’t stupid, Killian.  He’s seen this coming for a while and he isn’t going to do anything.  How much of a hypocrite would he be if he did have an issue with us?  My mother was ten years older than him.  There’s only a six year age difference between you and me, and it means nothing because we’re meant for each other.”

I could feel him losing the battle, the rigid heat of his erection pressing against my stomach as his hands slid down my sides before settling on my ass.  He wanted this just as much, if not more, than I did.

He groaned as he pulled me closer and lifted me up, a position that I took immediate advantage of as I wrapped my legs around his waist.  The new position left his hands free and he slid one up to the center of my back and the other to cup my face as he stared into my eyes.

“Your father would lose his fucking marbles if he knew the kind of things I like.  God, Sloane… this is so fucking wrong.  You don’t know what you’re asking for.  The things that I want to do to you right now…  you’re too young.  Sex isn’t always champagne and roses, princess.  I think if you knew how wild it gets – you would run.  You should run.”

I’d take him any way that I could get him.  I leaned in until my lips were just over his.  “Don’t you know, Killian?  If you want it, so do I.  If you need it, I need it just as badly.”

Using the hand that was cupping my cheek, he pulled me in and settled my lips against his.  One swipe of his tongue against my lips had me moaning as I opened for him, the taste of his tongue, pure sin and explosive heat, against my own.  This was the fifth time that I’d gotten him to kiss me and he was being far more aggressive than he usually was.  Instead of being scared, I loved it.  I threw myself into the kiss, gasping and moaning as he fucked my mouth with his tongue, and he was hard against my wet center.  Only the fabric of his pants and my bikini kept us from being joined, and I whimpered from the need to have him claim me.  I’d been obsessing for months about what he would feel like inside of me, and instinctively I knew that only he could ease the ache that was building within me.

The feeling of distress that came as he set me down, and away from him, was painful.  “Killian… please!”

He hugged me gently before placing a soft kiss on my forehead and letting out a sigh that sounded a lot like surrender.  “You need to be patient, princess.  In six months, if you’re positive that you want this, I’m going to make you mine.”

I needed the reassurance in order to be able to walk away.  I wanted to be with him—really with him. Sometimes I got scared that he’d be able to walk away from the attraction.  After all, Killian had had girlfriends before, girls that made me want to punch, kick and scream because he belonged with me.   Hugging him tightly, I whispered, “I’m one hundred percent positive now.  It’s always been you, Killian.  Promise me that we’ll be together.  I need to know that you feel it, too.”

Sliding his hands up to cup my cheeks, he looked me straight in the eye as he answered me emphatically.  “I feel it too, princess.  There is nothing that will ever keep me from you, Sloane.  Nothing at all.”


Of course you all know that nothing is ever that easy….


 Consequences of Deception arrives Monday February 17, 2014.

Here is the official blurb:

Once upon a time, girl met boy and a love story began.

Their future was assured until tragedy struck and deceptions were made.

There are consequences to every action, and the Consequences of Deception are always the most punishing.

Sloane Evans lost nearly everyone that she’s ever loved, but losing Killian Brandt left a scar that never healed.

Four and a half years after turning his back on her, Killian steps back into Sloane’s life in the most shocking of ways, giving her no choice but to abandon her life and go with him.

Why would a man buy a woman that he hates?

Not everything is as it appears.

Love is beautiful, revenge is ugly, and lies destroy lives.

Prepare to discover the Consequences of Deception.


3 thoughts on “The prologue for Consequences of Deception

  1. To start off, Ella,you couldn’t possibly knowhow thankful I am that I just got to read a whole story. I swear I feel like crying. So it’s with more pleasure that I say that the story was totally kickass. I was sad , angry, frustrated & damn pleased with the story & its final outcome. I started reading and didn’t stop until I finished the whole ( thank you again ) book . I so want some more of you girl. Gratefully yours,Grandma Dee

  2. Just got through reading COD. Oh myyyyyyy…….I literally started it yesterday evening and just finished it at 11:30 am today. Somehow, someway, I managed to feed the family, dogs, sleep a few hours and a couple loads of laundry. All while doing these chores, I couldn’t get Sloan and Killian out of my head. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book that totally consumed me. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of the world and I’ll be looking for more from you on the horizon!


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