Consequences of Deception is NOW AVAILABLE!!


Consequences of Deception is finally here!  So far, the reviews are absolutely AMAZING.  People are stunned by how sexy, deep and dark the story is- not to mention all of the twists and turns.  I’ve gotten more emails, messages, tweets and DMs in the last forty-eight hours than I’ve ever had with any one of my books.  Killian has hit a nerve (and a g-spot) for a lot of you, and I am thrilled! This story is complicated and dark, and I am very proud of how it turned out.  I didn’t shy away from telling the story the way that it needed to be told and I am thrilled with the end result. From beginning to end- and yes, there is an END, this is a stand alone- this story was a labor of love.

I can’t say much else because I don’t want to give spoilers, but I will leave you with what some of the reviews have said.  In 48 hours the book has gotten 42 Five Star reviews on Amazon!

“I am literally in awe of this book. That is how out of this world fantastic it was. I am typing this review after spending the last few hours entranced by its magnificence.” – Megan, The Never Ending Book Basket

“There’s not much I can give you in details without ruining the book for you. You will hate and love Killian, and then hate him some more. He’s angry, cocky, ruthless. At times I didn’t think he had a heart. If you adore those dirty talkers, Killian is your man. Had me tightening my thighs and all *fans self* Can you say Alpha?” – Yahaira, SMI Book Club

“Holy fucking shit..LOVED this book! Bossy, arrogant, rich and fucks like a champ! Killian is my new love…” – Dawn, Tara & Dawns Sizzling Pages

“This by far is the best book I have read this year! I don’t give out many 5 star reviews, I am very picky and the book really has to appeal to me in every aspect, draw me in, keep me there, and want me coming back for more. THIS book did absolutely that!! Killian and Sloane story is so unique that you will have to keep turning the page to find out what could possibly happen next.”   – Rebecca, Author Groupies Blog

“Consequences of Deception in a word, HOT. Killian has a way about him that when he walks in a room, panties start dropping or dripping or whatever. You get the idea. A few parts, I had to reread, because…you know…I needed to really grasp the concept. The delicious, sexy, image of Killian being naughty…yum!”  - Kristi, Book Breath Babe Blog

“A masterpiece of smut, that’s what this book is.  COD is not like any other book Ella has written before; this book is darkerdirtier,kinkier and hotter!”  Midian,  SMI Book Club

You can buy Consequences of Deception by following these links to Barnes and Noble or Amazon  

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  1. I hope my comments got sent . If not e-mail me & I’ll rewrite it because it was a very favorable review & thank you again for a WHOLE story in 1 book .Gratefully yours, Grandma Dee

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