CATCH MY FALL is a 5 Star Reviewed BEST SELLER!

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I am completely blown away by the reception to Catch My Fall!  I’ve gotten so many emails, tweets, Facebook & Goodreads messages that I can barely keep up and I LOVE IT. Catch My Fall is #35 on Amazon’s New Adult chart & I am OFF THE HOOK with happiness!  Right now out of Twenty-Three Amazon reviews, TWENTY of them are five star!!!  WOOT WOOT!!!

This story was a real leap-of-faith moment for me & I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to contact me & tell me what the story means to them.  Tristan & Mia’s story isn’t just about love- it’s also about hope, strength, endurance & the strength to overcome the hurdles in their way.

While Catch My Fall IS a departure from the Contemporary Adult Romance Genre, it’s a beautiful love story that is meant for ALL lovers of true and deep romance- from age 18 right on up!  And don’t worry- Tristan & Mia have some HEAT.

(Ever wonder what Dante, Damien or Spencer were like as young college men?  I think Tristan’s got some Hart in him.  Honorable to the core and HOT HOT HOT.)

I want to hug each and every blogger, reader that’s left a review and person that’s emailed/messaged/tweeted me.  I love you girls!!

Don’t forget that Catch My Fall is ON SALE this week- if you haven’t picked it up yet, do it today!  And if you’re on the fence, read some of these amazing reviews.

5 Stars from BOOKS UNHINGED Blog    “Ella Fox does it again by making characters that you absolutely fall in love with.”

9.5 Stars from BOOK fri-ENDS Blog  “The story  shows us that our past does not have to define who we are or who we become.”

4.5 Stars from SIZZLING PAGES Blog   “With every tragedy comes the opportunity for a hero to be made I felt like Mia and Tristan were heroes in their own rights. Their love story and friendship had me feeling butterflies, smiles and kept me connected to them from start to the end.”

5 Stars from Julie on Amazon    “In classic Fox style, the plot has great twists and turns-keeping you turning pages until the very end. I can not wait for the second book of the series.”

5 Stars from Angie on Goodreads  “I find that I will love this series as much as her previous series about the Hart family!”


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2 thoughts on “CATCH MY FALL is a 5 Star Reviewed BEST SELLER!

  1. You don’t have to give away a thing for me to read your books. I love them! You writing them is gift enough. Thanks again.

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