Consequences of Deception is a Bestseller!!



Consequences of Deception is currently #54 on the Amazon Bestseller List & #1 on the Amazon Erotica list!

The reviews are amazing! Right now there are 73 reviews & 66 of them are 5 star.
Everyone is falling head over heels in love with Killian and Sloane’s story and I couldn’t be happier!

Consequences of Deception is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.





Consequences of Deception is NOW AVAILABLE!!


Consequences of Deception is finally here!  So far, the reviews are absolutely AMAZING.  People are stunned by how sexy, deep and dark the story is- not to mention all of the twists and turns.  I’ve gotten more emails, messages, tweets and DMs in the last forty-eight hours than I’ve ever had with any one of my books.  Killian has hit a nerve (and a g-spot) for a lot of you, and I am thrilled! This story is complicated and dark, and I am very proud of how it turned out.  I didn’t shy away from telling the story the way that it needed to be told and I am thrilled with the end result. From beginning to end- and yes, there is an END, this is a stand alone- this story was a labor of love.

I can’t say much else because I don’t want to give spoilers, but I will leave you with what some of the reviews have said.  In 48 hours the book has gotten 42 Five Star reviews on Amazon!

“I am literally in awe of this book. That is how out of this world fantastic it was. I am typing this review after spending the last few hours entranced by its magnificence.” – Megan, The Never Ending Book Basket

“There’s not much I can give you in details without ruining the book for you. You will hate and love Killian, and then hate him some more. He’s angry, cocky, ruthless. At times I didn’t think he had a heart. If you adore those dirty talkers, Killian is your man. Had me tightening my thighs and all *fans self* Can you say Alpha?” – Yahaira, SMI Book Club

“Holy fucking shit..LOVED this book! Bossy, arrogant, rich and fucks like a champ! Killian is my new love…” – Dawn, Tara & Dawns Sizzling Pages

“This by far is the best book I have read this year! I don’t give out many 5 star reviews, I am very picky and the book really has to appeal to me in every aspect, draw me in, keep me there, and want me coming back for more. THIS book did absolutely that!! Killian and Sloane story is so unique that you will have to keep turning the page to find out what could possibly happen next.”   – Rebecca, Author Groupies Blog

“Consequences of Deception in a word, HOT. Killian has a way about him that when he walks in a room, panties start dropping or dripping or whatever. You get the idea. A few parts, I had to reread, because…you know…I needed to really grasp the concept. The delicious, sexy, image of Killian being naughty…yum!”  - Kristi, Book Breath Babe Blog

“A masterpiece of smut, that’s what this book is.  COD is not like any other book Ella has written before; this book is darkerdirtier,kinkier and hotter!”  Midian,  SMI Book Club

You can buy Consequences of Deception by following these links to Barnes and Noble or Amazon  

The prologue for Consequences of Deception

Consequences of Deception-2


I was being a bad girl and I knew it, but I didn’t care because the need to be with him was so all-consuming that it hurt.  I floated on my back, in the water, while I stared at the late night sky, smiling dreamily as I counted down the minutes until he came outside.  I had turned on the pool lights and slipped into the water, knowing full well that he’d have no choice but to come to me.  If he really wanted to, he could ignore me, but I knew that he would never do that. This was the fifth time I’d done this, and each and every time he broke a little more. The truth is, I would have done it every single night. Since I could only do it when Shannon wasn’t home and my father was safely asleep in my house, I had to take my chances when I could, which is why I was there floating in his pool—after midnight.

I felt him the minute that he was outside, so I turned over and swam toward the spot where I knew he would be standing. I broke the surface of the water and started walking up the steps of the pool in a fluid series of motions, smiling as I watched him devour me with his eyes. My bikini choice was nothing short of scandalous; four teeny-tiny little red triangles that left very little to the imagination.  Smiling at him, I stepped out of the pool onto the stamped concrete patio. Standing next to him, I blatantly admired how sexy he looked in the lounge pants he was wearing.  As was my intention, I’d woken him up, which meant that he came out clad in lounge pants and nothing else.  They sat low on his hips and I licked my lips as I stared at the sexy V-cut muscle that led to his promised land.

“Dammit, Sloane,” he rasped.  “You’re making this so hard.”

Since that was my intention, I didn’t bother to deny it.  There were six more months until I would be eighteen and he wouldn’t bother to fight it at all anymore.  We both knew it. I didn’t see the point in waiting.

“I’m not trying to be difficult, Killian, I just wanted a late night swim.”

He scoffed at that, the same as he did every time I pulled this stunt.  “What’s the difference between my pool and the one in your yard right next door?”

Grabbing the towel he’d brought out with him from his hand, I laughed softly.  “The difference is that if I were swimming in my own pool, you wouldn’t bring me a towel.”

“Do you understand what would happen if your father thought something was going on between us right now?  You’re jailbait, baby, and I don’t want to spend my life, without you, behind bars.”

On my tiptoes, I slid my arms around his neck and linked my fingers together as I smiled up at him.  “My father isn’t stupid, Killian.  He’s seen this coming for a while and he isn’t going to do anything.  How much of a hypocrite would he be if he did have an issue with us?  My mother was ten years older than him.  There’s only a six year age difference between you and me, and it means nothing because we’re meant for each other.”

I could feel him losing the battle, the rigid heat of his erection pressing against my stomach as his hands slid down my sides before settling on my ass.  He wanted this just as much, if not more, than I did.

He groaned as he pulled me closer and lifted me up, a position that I took immediate advantage of as I wrapped my legs around his waist.  The new position left his hands free and he slid one up to the center of my back and the other to cup my face as he stared into my eyes.

“Your father would lose his fucking marbles if he knew the kind of things I like.  God, Sloane… this is so fucking wrong.  You don’t know what you’re asking for.  The things that I want to do to you right now…  you’re too young.  Sex isn’t always champagne and roses, princess.  I think if you knew how wild it gets – you would run.  You should run.”

I’d take him any way that I could get him.  I leaned in until my lips were just over his.  “Don’t you know, Killian?  If you want it, so do I.  If you need it, I need it just as badly.”

Using the hand that was cupping my cheek, he pulled me in and settled my lips against his.  One swipe of his tongue against my lips had me moaning as I opened for him, the taste of his tongue, pure sin and explosive heat, against my own.  This was the fifth time that I’d gotten him to kiss me and he was being far more aggressive than he usually was.  Instead of being scared, I loved it.  I threw myself into the kiss, gasping and moaning as he fucked my mouth with his tongue, and he was hard against my wet center.  Only the fabric of his pants and my bikini kept us from being joined, and I whimpered from the need to have him claim me.  I’d been obsessing for months about what he would feel like inside of me, and instinctively I knew that only he could ease the ache that was building within me.

The feeling of distress that came as he set me down, and away from him, was painful.  “Killian… please!”

He hugged me gently before placing a soft kiss on my forehead and letting out a sigh that sounded a lot like surrender.  “You need to be patient, princess.  In six months, if you’re positive that you want this, I’m going to make you mine.”

I needed the reassurance in order to be able to walk away.  I wanted to be with him—really with him. Sometimes I got scared that he’d be able to walk away from the attraction.  After all, Killian had had girlfriends before, girls that made me want to punch, kick and scream because he belonged with me.   Hugging him tightly, I whispered, “I’m one hundred percent positive now.  It’s always been you, Killian.  Promise me that we’ll be together.  I need to know that you feel it, too.”

Sliding his hands up to cup my cheeks, he looked me straight in the eye as he answered me emphatically.  “I feel it too, princess.  There is nothing that will ever keep me from you, Sloane.  Nothing at all.”


Of course you all know that nothing is ever that easy….


 Consequences of Deception arrives Monday February 17, 2014.

Here is the official blurb:

Once upon a time, girl met boy and a love story began.

Their future was assured until tragedy struck and deceptions were made.

There are consequences to every action, and the Consequences of Deception are always the most punishing.

Sloane Evans lost nearly everyone that she’s ever loved, but losing Killian Brandt left a scar that never healed.

Four and a half years after turning his back on her, Killian steps back into Sloane’s life in the most shocking of ways, giving her no choice but to abandon her life and go with him.

Why would a man buy a woman that he hates?

Not everything is as it appears.

Love is beautiful, revenge is ugly, and lies destroy lives.

Prepare to discover the Consequences of Deception.


The Prologue for Renegade Saints Book 2- TWIST OF FATE


Happy New Year everyone!! I thought I’d give you amazing and beautiful ladies a taste of what’s coming in 2014.  This is the prologue for Twist of Fate.  it’s from my unedited manuscript, so certain things are subject to change.  Read on!




Gone.  Dead.

The two worst four-letter words of all.  When someone you love so much chooses to leave you, what’s left?  Right now all I can feel is the hole inside of me, a big empty space that was reserved for Marissa for years.  Now she’s gone… dead.  Forever.  No take-backs,  do-overs, or second chances.


I haven’t slept for more than an hour or so at a time in over two weeks and it’s a struggle to move, much less go on.  I can’t stop wondering what her last thoughts were as she stepped in front of the bus that killed her.  According to the witnesses, she had absolutely no hesitation.  They say she was calm and smiling when she took her final action and that angers me.  Didn’t she care what she was leaving behind?  Didn’t she realize that the bus wasn’t just hitting her, it was hitting us all?


I wonder what the point of loving anyone is.  Why give someone so much power over you that losing them kills a part of you?  I fear that the parts of me that she took were the best parts; the things that I needed most in order to survive.  What’s left of me?





Several Months Later


You know what the best thing about going out every night and getting loose is?  The fact that I’m not genuinely attached to any of the new friends I’ve made and they sure as hell don’t really care about me.  It’s easier this way; less messy.


You know what’s even better about these new friends of mine?  The drugs they get.  Ecstasy, cocaine, Percocet, Klonopin… all the good things that make the pain go away.  Just a little bit to take the edge off is all that I need.  I know that there’s a line that I don’t want to cross, mostly because I don’t want my brother to worry about me enough to put me in rehab.  He’s already up my ass about my social life and the guys that I’ve been ‘dating’; he’d blow a fuse if he realized that I was taking drugs.


For my entire life I’ve always been that quiet, casual girl who didn’t get loud and never cut loose.  Now I’m free to do whatever I want, damn the repercussions.  The best things in life are exactly what you’d think they would be; sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.


Tonight I’m out with Jason, my sort-of-date and we’re at a club in Hollywood seeing some band that he swears will be the next big thing.  I wish that I could tell you that we’re great together in bed but I’d be lying.  We never touch each other at all unless we’re on X, so it’s not like this is some great passion.


The band on stage was just okay, definitely not the next best thing, and I giggled to myself when I realized that Jason must’ve been high as shit when he heard these guys the first time.  Swaying back and forth, I rocked to the beat in order to keep myself awake.  Whether due to whatever pills Jason had given me, the two tequila sunrises, 3 tequila shots  or the joint I’d smoked in the bathroom, I was downright exhausted and I stumbled as I hit the person next to me, again.  I was having more and more problems staying upright but I felt so good that I didn’t care.  When I got jostled by someone behind me, I couldn’t keep my balance anymore.


I laughed hysterically as I fell on my ass, then laughed harder when a strong set of arms lifted me up and started carrying me through the crowd.  This guy was hot and he looked familiar.


The faces of the people around me went by in a blur as I pointed at them and said, “Wheeeeeeeee.”  Keeping my head up was getting to be too much effort and I let out a chuckle as my neck gave up on the job and flopped back.  We were in a hallway now, away from the crowd and I had no idea where he was taking me.


From this angle, I could see that the guy carrying me was wearing a hat with a big S on it, and suddenly I clued in as to who he was.  “S. Ha ha. You’re Superman.  Where’s your web?  Do you live in a bat cave?”


Superman wasn’t happy with me, not one little bit.  Kicking open a door, he tossed me down onto a couch.  He seemed like he was one hundred feet tall as he stood next to the couch and glared down at me.  My pulse picked up speed when I realized that angry Superman was crazy fucking sexy.  Just looking at him made my mouth dry and my panties wet, and I wondered if he would be having his way with me on the couch.


Glaring down at me he snapped, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”


“Whaddya mean waz wrong with me?  Waz wrong with you, Superman?  Why you no smile at me?  You’re perrrtyy.”


“What did you take?”


Ah, he was wondering what kind of drugs I would do.  I liked this.  Maybe he had more and he wanted to share.  “Coke, ecstasy, pot, Percocet, Kl-klon-klono-something, Valiummmmm, hash and one time I did ‘shrooms.  They weren’t good.”


“Jesus Christ!  You’re on all that shit right now?  Fuck, I have to get you to a hospital!  You need your stomach pumped.”


I giggled at him, pointing at his oh so serious face.  “Nooooo silllllly, those are the drugs I’ve done in the last few monthsssss.  I don’t need to be pumped.  At leas’ not the way that youuuuu think.  You’re hottt, Superman.  Wanna get nakkkkeddd and have funnn?”


Now he didn’t just look annoyed, he looked livid.  “Have a little fucking dignity, honey.  Just because I’m famous doesn’t mean that I’ll fuck every drunken bitch that throws herself at me.”


I nodded solemly before I burst out into giggles again.  “Of coursssseee! Superman would get a lot of assss, duh!  But wait… you’ve got Lucccccy.  Lucy Lane!  Is you cheatin’ on Lucccy?  You’re not so super after all,” I slurred.  “You’s a cheater.”

For some reason that struck me as being hysterically funny, and I laughed so hard that I couldn’t catch my breath.  The next thing I knew I was choking on vomit and Superman had to sit me up so that I could get the puke out.  That wasn’t so funny and I cried a little as I showered us both with an insane amount of tequila flavored vomit.  It seemed to go on forever and when it was finally over, I was being carried by Superman again.  I heard him snapping off orders to someone, something about security, my purse, and making sure there were no cameras.


Somehow he got me into the passenger seat of his car, and right then I felt really, really bad for him because the car was ridiculously expensive and I was covered in vomit.  Laying my head against the glass of the passenger window, I tried to get my wits about me.  I could feel myself coming down and it felt awful, worse than ever before.  When we pulled up next to a city bus, I burst into tears.  Great body racking sobs tore through me as I wondered if that was the bus that had taken Marissa’s life.


Poor Superman must’ve felt like he was riding with a crazy person, and I could tell that he was a little freaked out when he asked me why I was crying.


“Dead.  Gone.  She’s gone,” I cried.  “She just… she stepped out in front of a bus.  I don’t know how to live without her.”


It was exhausting to think about, and I cried my eyes out against the passenger window of his car until I had no tears left and everything faded to black.


I woke up feeling like absolute death, and when I opened my eyes, I pretty much expected to see the grim reaper standing over me.  Instead, I found myself staring at a beige colored wall in a bedroom that I’d never been in before.


Memories of the previous night assailed me.  They were all pretty hazy, but I definitely remembered vomiting, crying and making a fool out of myself.  The guy that I now realized was not Superman had brought me back to his house and given me an enormous white t-shirt to change into.  The last thing I remember is him making me drink some water before he tucked me into bed and told me that he was going to put my clothes in the laundry.


Sitting up, I found that he was asleep across the bottom of the bed on top of the covers.  Clearly, he’d stayed with me to make sure that I was really okay and that surprised me.  He’d been so pissed off at me when we were at the club, I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t walked away without a backwards glance once I started hosing him down in vomit.


He must’ve felt me moving because I was only staring at him for a minute or so when he woke up.  Sitting up, he rubbed his hand across his face for a minute before he looked at me.  When he spoke, he had a gravelly sexy morning man voice that made me want to jump on top of him.


“How do you feel this morning?”


There was really only one answer to that question.  “Stupid.”


“That’s an understatement.  The question is; did you learn anything from it?”


I hesitated to answer that because in truth, I wasn’t sure.  Had I?  Probably not.  In lieu of a real answer, I shrugged my shoulders.


Getting up from the bed, he stalked out of the room without a word.  A few minutes later he came back and tossed my now clean and vomit free clothes onto the bed.  “Here’s your shit.  It’s time for you to go.”


My jaw dropped in shock.  He’d taken care of me all night and now he was tossing me out on my ass?  Clearly, I’d overstayed my welcome.  Nodding my head I mumbled, “Okay.”


He turned to leave again before stopping at the door and pivoting to face me again.


“Does anyone love or care about you?”


I couldn’t see what business that was of his, but I figured that I owed him an answer considering the fact that he’d saved me from choking to death on puke and then never said a word about the fact that I got sick all over him.


“My brother and my best friend.”


He stared at me with such intensity that I felt as if he could not only read my mind, somehow he knew every single thing there was to know about me.  “Then my suggestion is that you take a break from your pity party and think about your brother and your best friend the next time you get so fucked up that you can’t walk. Then take that one step farther and remember how you felt when your friend walked in front of a bus and left you behind.  Guess what?  That’s exactly how your brother and your best friend are going to feel about you if you don’t get your shit together.  I don’t know if you’ve always been a quitter, but if you’ve got any fight in you, now’s the time to access it.”


He didn’t even give me time to formulate a response.  One second he was staring at me, the next he had turned and was out the door.  I walked to the bathroom in a complete fog and then I spent the next forty-five minutes sitting in his shower, crying.  Mr. Intensity was right; I was perilously close to doing myself some real harm that, in turn, would cause Dillon and Minnie pain.


After I finished showering, I quickly got dressed.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I found my purse sitting on the dresser in the room, and I knew that I had one more thing to thank my anonymous savior for.


When I left the bedroom and went downstairs I was greeted by a guy who introduced himself as, “Mr. Wilde’s personal assistant.”  He told me that he’d been instructed to see me home and I was more than grateful to get out of the house without having to see Mr. Intensity again.


The drive to my apartment passed in total silence, and it gave me plenty of time to remember what ‘Superman’ had said the night before about being famous.  Before I got out of the car, I asked the assistant who, exactly, Mr. Wilde was.  The look on his face was priceless.


“Gavin Wilde.  He’s the drummer for the Renegade Saints.  You didn’t recognize him?”




Mr. Intensity saved my life that night, no doubt about it.  I’m thankful that I never heard from or saw him again because that would be too mortifying.  Still, what he said to me about being a quitter had resonated deep within me.  After my adoptive parents died and we were told by their family members that they weren’t interested in taking custody of us because we weren’t ‘really family’,  my brother had held my hand tight while I cried and said one thing to me over and over:  “Cooper kids don’t quit.”


More than anything else, Gavin calling me a quitter woke my ass up.





They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Whoever says that with a straight face should be bitch-slapped.  Lifting weights makes you stronger.  Drinking milk makes you stronger. Being beaten to a pulp and then raped by someone that I chose to date?  Surprise, surprise… THAT isn’t making me any stronger.  I am weak, ashamed, tired and lost without a map.

I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror because my eyes mock me.  Yes, the man that I was dating is responsible for raping me, but don’t I bear some responsibility?  Didn’t I ignore my inner voice as it screamed at me to get away from him?


I’m shuffling forward everyday, pretending to live, but inside, I am nothing.  I am gone.  I go on for two reasons: my brother, Dillon, and my best friend, Dominique.  They are all that I have left, all that I will ever have.  If it weren’t for them, I’d peace out without giving it a second thought.  But, for me, that isn’t a thought that I can really entertain.


Anytime I’ve thought of doing something drastic for even one second, I’ve heard Gavin in my head.


“Does anyone love or care about you?”


That question, and the answer to it, keeps me here.  The darkness is out there and sometimes it beckons, but I turn my back on that and remind myself that I am linked to two people that need me.  I know for certain that neither of them could or would survive it if I made that choice.  Dominique would see it as an invitation to follow, and Dillon wouldn’t be far behind.


No, quitting life entirely isn’t an option.  Not for me, not ever.  But living, really living?  That’s not on my agenda.  I am what I always promised myself that I wouldn’t be: a quitter.


I survived losing the parents that adopted Dillon and me, survived years in foster care, survived the loss of my best friend to suicide and survived a walk on the wild side that almost destroyed me.  But this… this was a knock-out punch.  I was down for the count, and there wasn’t going to be another round.

My favorite books of 2013




Mission: Impossible


Last year I tried to do a Top 5 books of 2012. That didn’t work and I wound up with 12 books.


So this year I figured… 13 for 2013! (If you want to read last years list, click HERE)


Here they are, in particular order.  Let me know if you’ve read and loved these books as much as I did!!  If you haven’t, I highly recommend each and every one.  (Note: Click the title of any book and the link will take you to Amazon to read the synopsis & purchase the book, if you decide to do so.  Where possible, I’ve linked the authors website, Facebook or Twitter to their name)


1. Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

Hopeless was on my list last year so you all know how much I loved that book.  Did I ever, even for one second, think that it could be topped?  Absolutely not.  Guess what?  I loved Losing Hope EVEN MORE!! It seems like that should be impossible, but it wasn’t.  Dean Holder is one of my BBF’s for life. Trust me when I tell you, THIS BOOK ROCKS.


2. Making Faces by Amy Harmon

This book… I just…. It was unreal.  Honestly, I needed stock in Kleenex by the time that I was done.  I loved it and I think that EVERYONE ON EARTH, EVERYWHERE- should read it.


3. When It Rains by Lisa De Jong 

You know how I just said I should have bought stock in Kleenex when I read Making Faces?  Well, someone should have bought me a FACTORY to read When it Rains.  Put bluntly, I looked as if rain was pouring continuously down my face while I read this book.  Heartbreaking, uplifting, soul-crushing, life changing… This book is the entire package.


4.  Ignite by Tessa Teevan

This book had me from Hello.  I loved the premise and the execution of the story.  Remember your first love?  This story is the full package- the loss of your life followed by the love of your life.  Yin and yang.  It was handled beautifully and I have a BBF (book boyfriend) for life in Jace.  I’ve read 60% of the follow up book, Incinerate, and let me tell you- Tessa’s got a HIT on her hands.  When Knox & Charlie come out, you guys are going to flip!


5.  Bully by Penelope Douglas 

Tate and Jared rocked my flipping world!  You can’t go wrong with this story.  Bully is told from Tate’s (Tatum) POV.   I was SO happy when Penelope did a follow-up from Jared’s POV.  It was all new material and I loved seeing things from Jared’s perspective.  I love him, HARD!


6.  Addicted to You by Krista & Becca Ritchie

This series is gritty, real, dark and light.  I alternately wanted to hug and smack Lily & Loren, and I loved the ride.  The story is engrossing.  I love that it was written by sisters.  Every one of these books is a winner.


7. Remy by Katy Evans

Two words: REMINGTON TATE.  The third book in the REAL series came to us in Remy’s POV.  THUD.  I loved all three books, but Remy’s POV has a special place in my heart.  I love him now more than ever!!!


8. Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren  

I loved Emerson & Jax.  Jax, to me, is one of the best BBF’s ever.  What this man does for his girl!!!!! I love his notes and pretty much every word that came out of his mouth.  The follow up to this, Beautiful Broken Mess is also one of my favorites this year.  I can’t wait for the next book.


9.  Beck by Harper Sloan

Beck is book 3 in the Corps Security series.  I have loved each and every one, but Beck…. oh, Beck.  This story was amazing from beginning to end, and I loved finding out all of the things that we didn’t see before.  Harper knocked this one out of the park, no doubt about it.  People tell me all the time that I can write a sex scene.  I can, but as I found out during Beck, I need to bow to the MASTER: Miss Harper Sloan.   Pop Rocks have never looked so interesting!


10.  Façade by Nyrae Dawn 

I didn’t think it was going to be possible for me to love book 2 of The Games Series as much as I loved Book 1.  I was wrong.  Put bluntly, Nyrae could write a grocery list and I’d show up to read it.  This woman can write!  I loved Cheyenne and Colt from Charade, but Adrian Westfall is MY MAN.  The things he writes to Delaney… OH. My. THUD.  My heart broke- flipping seriously broke- for Adrian.  I love him.  That is all.


11. Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden Mills 

Nora & Leo are phenomenal!!!!!  Love, love, love them.  This story was rich and full of depth, and I can’t recommend it enough.  I love the way Leo fights it!  I hated Nora’s mother BIG TIME.  I can’t wait for Book 2 in the Briarcrest Academy Series.


12. Try by Ella Frank

There are two kinds of people in the world.  Those that have read Try, and those that have not.  Be one of the ones that has!! Logan and Tate are HOT.  As in, ring the alarm and get ready for a hot flash.  It’s almost too good.  I am anxiously awaiting the follow up!


13. If I Were You by Lisa Renée Jones

I can’t even count the ways that I love the Inside Out series.  It’s so. damn. good!!   I want to say more but- as you all know- I hate spoilers.  Let me just say that I LOVE the MAIN man of this series.  Loveeee. Himmmmm.


So, that’s my list.  This was hard to pare down!  There are honorable mentions, of course-

The Dark Light of Day by TM Frazier

Bad Things & Rock Bottom by R.K. Lilley

Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters

The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan

Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken

Leap of Faith by Jamie Blair

Take This Regret & If Forever Comes by A.L. Jackson

The Forever Series by Heidi McLaughlin

Sex, Love, Repeat by Alessandra Torre

Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski 


What were YOUR favorite books of 2013?




An Announcement



Truer words have never been said.  Thanks John Lennon!

I have good news and bad news.  I’ll give you the bad news first.

I’ve been trying- REALLY TRYING- to write book 2 of the Renegade Saints series, “Sinfully Hot.”

Here’s the bottom line:  


I cannot and will not EVER put something out that I don’t stand behind 100%.  This story is fighting me tooth and nail, and no amount of pleading, begging or foot-stomping on my part is making it come to life.  I’ve decided to scrap the entire thing and start from scratch.  

Having said that, I can’t even look at Cole, Devon and Ian right now.  So, I’ve taken a deep breath and have stepped away from the story.  As I’m sure you’ve just guessed, Sinfully Hot now has a big question mark over it’s date of delivery.

Now for the GOOD news!!

Leah’s story is pouring out of me.  Originally Leah was intended to be book 3 of the Renegade Series.  I am swapping her story for Cole’s which means Leah will be book 2.  I am already well into writing it and y’all…. It. Is. HOT.  I mean break out a fire-extinguisher and keep a glass of ice cold water next to your reading device hot.   I am madly in love with Leah & her man and I know that you will be too!!

Believe me when I tell you that I didn’t want to do this.  I really, really, REALLY tried to make Cole & Co. talk to me but they aren’t and I can’t force a story that I’m not passionate about.  I’m thrilled (seriously, you have no idea!! I could do a jig in the street) that Leah is talking to me- loud and clear!! Can’t wait to give you all Renegade #2.

More updates to come.  Thank you all for your patience- I love you ladies!!!

Flash Holiday Giveaway




It’s no secret that I love Television, Movies & Gadgets.  What better way to combine them all than by holding an awesome giveaway?!?! 

Here’s the deets.

One lucky winner will get a Roku HD Streaming Video Player and another lucky winner will get Sons of Anarchy Season One on DVD.  This is NOT an international contest, sorry.  USA only.

To win, you need to follow this link and fill in the answers to the WHO SAID IT trivia contest from my favorite shows.  Two winners with the correct answers will be chosen at random.  This giveaway closes tomorrow night 12/16/13 at 8pm.

Good luck!!


Happy Thanksgiving!


I wanted to take a minute to talk about what I’m thankful for this year.  My friends & family are a given, as always.  But then there’s you, Awesome Reader.  I’m thankful to you for encouraging me  & pushing me along to write better stories.  YOU have made my dream come true, and for that, I am unbelievably thankful.  

The Hart, Cross, Rand, Tyler, Hamilton, Cooper, Chamberlain & Reeves families are also thankful to you for giving them life!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lots of Love